Business Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Get Settled In Canada

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Every year millions of people are migrating to Canada in search of better job opportunities. The Canadian government apart from supporting family class program for uniting families also provides business immigration program. Under this program, it selects business class immigrants, who have the ability to become established economically and can help in the development of Canadian economy. When business entrepreneurs visits Canada for doing business they need to have a business visitor visa. The visa allows only eligible applicants for exploring the opportunities. A business immigration lawyer can help candidates to understand whether they are eligible for the program or not. In fact, they can help you all throughout the application process, if you are found eligible for the post.

Lawyers Provide Business Immigrants Proper Guidance

Business immigration lawyer will guide applicants about the two types of visas available. Based on start-up visa a person must commits to support a Canadian venture capital fund or an angel investor group. On the other hand, they should be able to communicate in French or English; completes 1 year of study at post secondary institution; have sufficient fund to settle down and can easily support their living.

Lawyers will make assure of the fact that you fulfill the requirements while entering Canada using a business visa. Immigration lawyers will require mainly these documents:

  • Proof of the fact that your source of income and your business in outside Canada.
  • Applicant has no criminal record.
  • Show that your purpose is temporary.

In fact, business immigration lawyers can guide you in filling the applications. They will check you have submitted the necessary documents so the application is not rejected or returned.

business immigration lawyers

Lawyers Can Help You Settle In Canada

Certain Canadian territories will designate candidates for perpetual residence under their particular business immigration programs. On the off chance, that you are keen on living in one of the areas that are known for business opportunities, or through the government start-up business entrepreneur program, lawyers can guide you through the qualification prerequisites and various application processes.

In fact, they can provide prompt advice that can help a person to settle their business in a province. If you want to start your work in and without any delays, business immigration lawyers will help you with the necessary paperwork.


Good Knowledge about Sponsorships

The lawyers are well acquainted with immigration law including the point based syetem (PBS). They stay informed concerning the most recent improvements with the goal that they can control clients through the immigration procedure. They can advise clients on applying for sponsor licenses and issuing certificates of sponsorship.

Most importantly, business immigration lawyers can organize to present certain sorts of immigration applications by booking Public Enquiry (PEO) arrangements ahead of time. Such applications are processed much ahead of time. Thereby, it can save clients from squandering significant time lining at the Home Office or submitting postal applications which take weeks to handle.

If you are considering of settling your business in Canada, you can take the help of immigration lawyers. They will help you settle and start your new business venture without any difficulty.


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The Different Canadian Work Permits Explained By the Lawyer

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For skilled workers, working in Canada is a lucrative opportunity. Canada work permits also known as work visas, allows foreign nationals to right to get a job in that country. Once a person obtains the visa, the person becomes entitled to work in Canada. Under the Canada’s immigration regulation, every foreign national must obtain a work permit. It would allow them to legally work in Canada.

With almost 2, 00,000 foreign skilled workers coming to Canada, for work, it becomes important to learn about the various ways of obtaining a work permit. Well, a work permit lawyer can help people to learn about the different types of Canadian work permits available.

In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis, skilled temporary workers need a temporary employment offer from an employer in Canada. The person should also have a temporary foreign worker permit given by Human Resources and Skills Development, Canada. Applying for a Canadian work visa is not easy. The rules and regulations for obtaining a Canadian application require careful planning, documentation, and filing. Taking the help of a work permit lawyer can help clients in filing their applications carefully.

work permit lawyer

Various Kinds of Work Permits Available

Work permits are usually required by foreign nationals. While the work permits can be issued at port-of-entry, visa post, or within Canada. There are many types of work permits available for the people.


Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Work permit lawyers can explain to the clients about LMIA. Foreign workers who come to Canada needs to have a positive LMIA. It is an approval given by a government body known as Employment and Social Development Canada. It would allow people to apply for a work permit. Basically, the Canadian employer first obtains approval for job for the foreign national and then mails the applicant the LMIA. This would allow the applicant to apply for the Canadian work permit.


North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Canada has signed international agreements with many countries through which expedited entry can be obtained for skilled professionals and for intra-corporate transferees. For example, a person belonging to a managerial position will fall under NAFTA. They can get work permit.


Provincial Nominees

Applicants who are approved by the provincial governments can obtain work permits to start a business in Canada.


Work Permits for Students

Students can also come to Canada for work purpose. However, they should know whether they qualify for it under the Canadian Experience Class. A work permit lawyer can help them to get work permits on part time basis during their school years. However, in case a person has graduated from a Canadian University, a student an get a three years of post-graduation work permit as they would be qualifying for the CEC.


International Experience Class

Under this program, young professionals and workers can obtain work permits for one-three year entries. Sometimes the permits are open as it can allow them to come to Canada in order to gain best Canadian experience. Even those these applications are limited by quotas. A work permit lawyer can ensure the candidates get the best Canadian experience and get hired by the Canadian employer.

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Work Permit Lawyer

DUI Lawyer Toronto Can Save You from Jail Conviction

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The law can be quite a tricky piece of business. If you have been convicted of driving under influence, the best thing to do would be to hire a attorney. There are many who think that fighting such a case without a attorney is a good idea. While it might save paying the attorney’s fees, it is a bad decision. Hiring a DUI attorney  can be beneficial for you in a number of ways.dui attorney


You Don’t Have Legal Expertise

While it is possible that you may have a considerable amount of legal knowledge, it does not mean that you can fight your battles in court. There are many things that are required to fight and win a DUI case. Considerable research is vital certainly. However, more important is an expertise in legal matters. A DUI attorney will have trained in this field for years. As such, he or she will be a much better judge of what arguments to draw in court to secure your release.


Attorneys Are On Your Side

Another important point to consider is that in a courtroom, there will not be anyone by your side supporting you if you fight the case yourself. You may think that you are innocent but that will not be enough to satisfy the judge. The judge has to be impartial. On the other hand, attorneys will be on your side wholly. As such, they will do what it takes to get the conviction removed or at least mitigated.


Understand the Consequences

Do not try and fight your case in court unless you understand the consequences of a Dui conviction. For a first-timer, the conviction can be pretty serious. Jail time is always a possibility. As such, you may be sent to jail if you lose the case. Of course, you will certainly not want to go to jail.

Even if you are not jailed, there are other consequences to consider. You will now have a conviction on your record. This conviction will show up whenever someone conducts a background check on you. You might be unable to get certain jobs. Of course, it will become very difficult for you to get good insurance rates for your car later. As such, there will be a whole host of problems that you might not appreciate unless it is too late.

If you want to avoid all of these problems, you should be hiring a DUI attorney. A attorney will know how to get you free from the conviction. At the very least, your sentence might be reduced.

dui attorney toronto

Hiring a Attorney

Of course, you will need to hire the right DUI attorney Toronto to help you with your case. The following tips can help you hire the right one.


  • Check the experience of the attorney.
  • Examine his or her track record to see how many cases they have won.
  • Ensure that the attorney specializes in DUI law.
  • Check the fees you will have to pay for.


With the right DUI attorney by your side, it will become easier for you to win your case. Use the above tips to find the right one.

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DUI Attorney